Loud booms will soon begin piercing the winter air in northern Sioux Falls. Even though folks within earshot take to social media for answers, the truth is they are planned and intentional. The "boom cannons" are placed and detonated in an effort to keep geese away from the Sioux Falls Airport and keep airplanes from colliding with the fowl.

When the booms go off there might well be more than six geese a-laying. Since geese tend to gather in massive groups near Joe Foss Field, Falls Park, Elmwood Golf Course and every square inch of water and field in between, Sioux Falls Animal Control and the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department will soon begin "hazing" - or scaring away - the geese.

The loud booms will not harm the geese but help scatter them and keep aircraft safe, according to KSFY News.

Sioux Falls Animal Control officer Julie De Jong says residents should not be alarmed and the cannons will only go off during the day and not at night.

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