'I was assaulted officer, right here in plain sight!'

'Can you describe the suspect?'

'Well, he had feathers. Oh, and a long neck'.

So there you are, walking through the parking lot on a nice sunny day, carrying your packages, not a care in the world and then it happens.

You are assaulted. By a goose.

According to Postfun, it happened this month to a couple of Walmart shoppers in Indiana. The victims suffered only minor injuries, but as it turns out, it could have been worse.

Geese can be very territorial and aggressive. And if they think that parking lot is their territory, look out.

Sgt. Tom Weger of the local police department said the shoppers didn't tease or taunt the goose, it's just that for some reason the bird felt threatened and uncomfortable. So it lashed out.

Oh, and the police say that geese are considered an endangered species, at least in this town, and if you get 'involved' in an incident with them and they get injured, well, you'll have some explaining to do.

So if you see some rogue goose wandering around a store parking lot, just whistle a happy tune and walk away as fast as you can.

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