The loud booms residents and travelers are hearing on the north side of Sioux Falls have a logical explanation: air cannons.

The wide-open expanse of fields near the Sioux Falls regional airport is a prime spot for geese looking for food and a break on their annual southern pilgrimage. But a flock of friendly fowl getting sucked into an airplane engine poses a danger for air travelers.

If you have kids in winter sports, you'll notice the thousands of geese near the Sanford Field House next to Joe Foss Field.

Air cannons are a humane way to reduce the number of geese that gather near the runways without the use of chemicals or poisons says Julie DeJong of Sioux Falls Animal Control.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the sound cannons, which won't shoot any projectiles - just air - began going off on Tuesday (December 19).

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