I'm tired of the pond that forms in my garage every time my wife parks her car there after snow falls. It melts and water runs everywhere.

So today I bit the bullet and ordered a mat for her car that will catch the melting snow and keep it inside the mat.

I'm sure I'll be happy with it, but it's not a fun or sexy way to spend $179.

We asked listeners if they had ways of spending more than $100 in a more unsexy way. Our listeners came through.

  • My now four-year-old was always sick when she was littld so I bought an industrial-strength snot sucker from the Avera Medical place on Minnesota. Best baby purchase everrrr
  • $100 gel mat to stand on in the kitchen. Saves my feet & back but not very romantic. Good anniversary gift though!
  • Replacement parts for my CPAP machine. Really sexy.
  • Least sexy?? razor????😜 No way because beards are sexy
  • My husband needs to put mud flaps on his truck for the winter and they are $100 a piece if he wants the dumb GMC logo on them
  • I had to spend 100 bucks on a graphing calculator.
  • My now husband bought me a carpet shampooer and a roaster for our first Christmas together (as a dating couple).
  • Buying orthotic shoes for my plantar fasciitis now that's real sexy
  • Went to get a lump checked thinking it was cancer, was just an ingrown hair
  • $100 to remove a piece of plastic from garbage disposal

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