Most of us are lucky enough to celebrate birthdays every 365 days and enjoy all of the gifts that come with them. But there's a very select group of people out there who don't have that same luxury - Leap Day babies.

It's only fitting that there are some extra special perks available for those who only get to blow out their candles once every four years. has a rundown of the places that are offering free food for Leap Day babies on February 29 and a trio of the deals can be found in Sioux Falls eating establishments.

For those celebrating Leap Day birthdays, Olive Garden is giving away four free Dolcinis, their desserts layered with cake, mousse, pastry creams, and berries.

Denny's is offering free Grand Slams breakfasts at all locations nationwide to anyone born on February 29th.

Even Lay's potato chips is getting in on the act. Go to the Lay’s Facebook page on February 28 and mention in the comments that Leap Day is your birthday. You'll then have a chance to win a free bag of chips.

For those of us not celebrating a birthday on the 29th, Popeyes will set you up with a coupon for a free chicken sandwich after you place a minimum $15 order through Postmates through February 28.

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