HiHo Kids (via YouTube)

If you need a good laugh today, I know just the cure to turn your frown around. Kids just do the darndest things, and this video is no exception!

It's always fun to see how kids react to various situations, specifically when they’re trying new food. There is this adorable video on YouTube of kids trying new food. It actually has Midwestern roots. There’s even a popular South Dakota dish included in the menu.

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The channel HiHo Kids features kids trying different activities, food, and even asks questions that kids may just be curious about. One of the recent videos from HiHo Kids challenges kids to try "Weird Midwestern Foods." For the record: I would not call these meals weird, just different than what these kids on the video might be used to eating.

Before the kids even tried the food, they were asked questions about the Midwest including the names of the states. The first answer kids provided...South Dakota of course! In fact, the kids who responded to that question are from the state!

HiHo Kids (via YouTube)

Pretty fun so far!  Next, the kids were told they were trying food from the Midwest.  Some of the dishes they taste tested were Pickled Herring, Cincinnati Chili, and a Horseshoe Sandwich. Generally, the favorite Midwestern meal was South Dakota's own Hotdish.

Throughout the video from HiHo Kids, you can see the excitement on each participant’s face when they tried Hotdish. The most delectable part for them was the tater tots for sure. What was really interesting was that while the kids were eating, they were told about how each meal was created. So it was a history and food lesson all in one!

It sure is a cute video, and it's nice to see kids really enjoy South Dakota cooking!

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