I know very little about NASCAR racing, I'll admit that right up front. But you'd have to be living under a rock for the last decade or so not to know the name Jeff Gordon and the impact he has had on that sport.

It was recently announced that Gordon is stepping away from full-time NASCAR racing after the 2015 season and out of the No. 24 car he's driven since 1992. Gordon has been credited by many inside the NASCAR world with broadening the appeal of what was once a very regional sport.

Gordon says he plans to stay busy and "won't even use the R-word." He'll focus on his pediatric cancer research foundation, may compete in select events and look at all of the options for his future, of which I'm sure there will be no shortage.

One of my best friends, Roxanne, is a huge NASCAR fan. But in their family, her "boys," (husband Kirk and son Kyle) are even bigger fans. There is a divide amongst them however. Kirk is a huge Gordon fan and Kyle is a diehard "Jr" (the NASCAR vernacular for Dale Earnhardt Jr.) guy.

I've been to several race celebrations at their home for two reasons and only two: Number 1: Roxanne is an incredible cook and hostess, so the spread of edible goodies makes your mouth water and your head spin (yup, I'm there for the food)! And number 2: the people in that close-knit group of family and friends are a special kind of fun!

I guess Kirk will have to find someone new to cheer for, but I'll still show up for the party, no matter who is driving No.24!

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