For the past nine years, this impressive granite compass rose has been sitting in the middle of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, indicating the city's location as the geographic center of the United States.

The 'Center of the Nation' designation came after factoring in distances from as far West as Hawaii, as far North as Alaska, as far South as Florida, and as far East as Maine.

There's only one problem.

According to Atlas Obscura, the actual location of the actual geographical center of the United States is actually a full 20 miles North of Belle Fourche.

So what exactly is 20 miles North of Belle Fource? Not much. It's no wonder the city's leaders decided to take a few liberties to give people a reason to come and visit.

And apparently they're not alone in their thinking.

Atlas Obscura says there are ten other geographic markers around the world that are total inaccurate.

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