Okay, the perfect hard-boiled egg may not be important to everyone, (or anyone for that matter) but as a person who loves to cook and has mastered many, very complicated cuisines, it is one thing that has always eluded me!!! They either come out rubbery, with that weird, alien-looking green ring, or they're impossible to peel without the aid of a jackhammer!

Lately Ben and our good friend Alan Helgeson have begun smoking their eggs on their grills, skipping the boiling process altogether, and they both swear, the eggs come out perfect and easy to peel. Previously Alan and I did an experiment with his electric egg cooker which worked pretty well too.

But barring a very expensive foray into the purchase of a smoker, or buying an electric egg cooker, I continue my research into how one can make an acceptable, easier-to-peel hard-boiled egg with nothing more than eggs, a pan and some water.

Keeping in mind, that I have tried many methods over the years, from adding vinegar to the water, using cold water, adding eggs to already boiling water and more, this is what I have found.

According to numerous sources, (from Bon Apetit to Martha Stewart, Delish to Allrecipes) this is the way to make a perfect hard-boiled egg every time:

  • Place as many eggs as can fit in one layer on the bottom of an empty potAdd cold water until the eggs are covered with about an inch of it
  • Turn stove on medium heat & let water come to a boil
  • When there's a good rolling boil, turn off, or take off the heat

This is the point where the experts begin to differ. You are supposed to let the eggs sit in the near boiling water for a certain amount of time. Of course this will vary depending on the size of eggs being boiled.

  • Move pot to a cold burner & set timer for 11 to 17 minutes. (See what I mean about the experts varying opinions!) The eggs will continue to cook
  • When the timer beeps, run the eggs under cold water for up to 2 minutes or dip them in an ice bath, before attempting to peel them.  You should have the perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs!

Good luck and let me know if this works.

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