'People don’t take trips, trips take people.' – John Steinbeck

Dollar for dollar, I believe that one of the best things you can do with your money is travel.

Your journeys don’t need to take you to the far reaches of the planet, they just need to get you out of your comfort zone so you can truly appreciate what the world has to offer.

I was very lucky growing up as the son of two educators. Not only did that help me to appreciate how noble the profession is, but it also gave me an abundance of quality time with my parents, since we all shared summer vacations together.

We made the most of those opportunities with our travels all around the United States, seeing a number of impressive things along the way.

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I was reminded of some of the cool things that I experienced recently when I came across a Boutique Adventurer list of the 'Top Ten Most Famous Landmarks in America’.

A quick perusal of the selections revealed a nice surprise – I have actually been to nine of these ten places, most of them at least twice.

Here’s what I remember about each:


How many of these famous landmarks have you experienced?

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