As the calendar lands on another National Pizza Day (February 9), it's time to celebrate all of the good things that come from those delicious creations of cheese, sauce, and dough.

It is perhaps the ultimate comfort food, with so many different possibilities.

And as much as the toppings we put on top of our pizza can vary wildly, so can the price we pay for our favorite pies.

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A new study of pizza prices from nearly 19,000 independent restaurants from around the country conducted by the delivery app Slice, shows that the national average for a large cheese pizza is now $17.81.

One locale in the Tri-State Area (Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota) is among the most affordable states for pizza in America.

A large cheese pizza in Minnesota averages out at $13.88, which is nearly four dollars below the national average.

The North Star State joins Oklahoma as the only place where the average pizza is under $14.


  1. Oklahoma - $12.70
  2. Minnesota - $13.88
  3. Alabama - $14.80
  4. Kansas - $14.96
  5. North Dakota - $15.35
  6. Mississippi - $15.50
  7. Delaware - $15.70
  8. New Hampshire - $15.74
  9. Ohio - $15.89
  10. Maryland - $15.97

So where do pizza prices in South Dakota and Iowa measure up?

A large cheese pizza in the Mount Rushmore State is $16.94, which is the 23rd cheapest in America.

You'll pay a lot more in the Hawkeye State, where prices are above the national average at $18.71, which is the 16th most expensive in the nation.


  1. Oregon  - $26.94
  2. Washington - $23.34
  3. Illinois - $22.52
  4. Alaska - $21.74
  5. Colorado - $21.23
  6. California - $21.19
  7. Wyoming - $20.54
  8. New York - $19.73
  9. Hawaii - $19.50
  10. Nevada - $19.34

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