The crime of stealing horses is something that back in the 19th century would have resulted in a noose around the thieves neck. Today, the crime of horse theft is still a common occurrence throughout the country, but now, stealing another person's horse is something that in most cases results in felony jail time for the person responsible.

That could very well be the case again, for the individual or individuals responsible for stealing a horse from a farm in northwest Iowa last week.

KSFY TV is reporting the Sioux County Sheriff's Office is now in the process of searching for the person or persons responsible for stealing a black Morgan/Percheron cross horse from a family farm six miles northwest of Sioux Center, Iowa sometime between (January 7 and January 9.)

According to authorities, the horse has a white star located on its head.

Anyone that can provide authorities with further information regarding the theft is asked to please contact the Sioux County Sheriff's Office at 712-737-2280.

Source: KSFY TV

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