As shoppers took to the stores on Black Friday, one Sioux Falls shopper decided to do their Christmas shopping from a Sioux Empire resident's car.

KSFY TV is reporting that two TV's were stolen from a car around 1 AM on Black Friday morning from a store parking lot in the area of 41st St. and Kiwanis Avenue.

Sioux Falls Police Lt. Sean Kooistra told KSFY, the suspect helped themselves to a five- finger discount after the owner of the vehicle placed the two TV's purchased inside the car, before going back into the store to continue shopping.

According to the report, when the owner returned to the car, they found that a window had been broken, and the televisions had been stolen.

To help avoid this type of thing, authorities recommend that holiday shoppers always try to place their purchases/valuables out of sight in your vehicle. The best place to store such items is inside a locked trunk when possible.

Source: KSFY TV

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