Time to get out the wallet, the holidays are here. Now comes the hard part - deciding who to tip and who not to tip. Granted, not everyone expects a tip, but I'm sure they wouldn't turn one down either.

According to etiquette experts at the Emily Post Institute, don't think of it as holiday "tipping" but rather holiday "thanking." According to the website, the general rule of thumb is tip those who help with your home, your family, or your well being.

The yard worker and garbage collector, for example, you should tip about $20. Your babysitter, an evening's pay. The nanny, house cleaner and dog walker should get at least a week's salary. Your kid's teacher should get a gift, not cash. Same for postal carriers. If they take money, it's a violation of federal regulations.

To read more about holiday tipping, go the Emily Post Institute website listed below.

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