The other night, while watching TV, it finally hit me. I had an addiction problem and I needed to do something about it. I realized I had become a Netflix-aholic.

I starting watching the third season of "How To Get Away With Murder" and realized after sitting in the same place on the couch for five straight hours I may have a problem.

I just couldn't turn it off. After each episode I found myself saying, "Just one more and then I'll go to bed. After all, there aren't any commercials, it's only 42 minutes."

That's how it starts kids - just one more. I've come to the conclusion that I'm actually better off watching a show live on TV and not waiting around for it to come to Netflix.

With Netflix, it's way too easy to "get hooked" as my wife calls it. By watching it live, it forces me to have to wait an entire week before the next episode airs.

So kids, don't be like your old uncle Chad - by becoming a couch potato. Instead, watch your favorite TV show live. You'll thank me later on in life.

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