You've probably heard the phrase 'helicopter parenting.' That's when parents hover over their kids making sure they're safe. Well, now there's a new phrase making the rounds - 'lawnmower parenting.' It's when moms and dads "mow down" any obstacle that gets in their child's way.

There's an interesting article about all this in this month's The Conversation. It talks about how today's modern parenting styles can often times get in the way of raising well-balanced children. The problem is many children are growing up without ever learning life's lessons - like overcoming rejection and picking yourself up after you get knocked down.

One particle part of the article I found fascinating was how many parents prefer to have their kids play inside for fear that something bad may happen. A survey was recently taken and a third of kids between the ages of eight and 12 have never splashed in a mud puddle. And the distance kids are allowed to go and play with friends has shrunk by 90% since 1970.

Wow, how times have changed since I was growing up. I can remember hopping on the bike early in the morning, meeting up with friends and not getting back home until the sun was about to set - and mom never seemed to worry. I also realize though it's a completely different day-in-age. There's a lot more "crazy stuff" going on today than when I was growing up. So, being a bit "over-protective" I can kind of see.

To read more about the findings and 'lawnmower parenting,' go to The Conservation website.

Source: The Conversation, Free Range Kids, The Telegraph

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