Greta Van Fleet are planning to release their second album during 2019, bassist Sam Kiszka revealed, adding that he was certain they would “grow musically” in the process.

Their debut LP, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, reached No. 3 on arrival last year after becoming one of the most highly anticipated records in the rock world, while their 2017 EP recently brought them four Grammy nominations.

“We all decided earlier this month that we need to do a record as soon as possible,” Kiszka told Heavy magazine (via Blabbermouth). “So the one thing I can say right now is that you can definitely expect album two in 2019.”

He added that he was “excited” about the upcoming work, but noted that “if you think about it too much, then it becomes unnatural.” The solution was to “do what we do” and “make the music that we wanna hear, and we’re gonna grow musically.”

He predicted the new album would be “worldly." “There's a lot of stuff that we're working on right now that's very exciting and very new," he explained. "We're going places that we've never been before, literally and figuratively. … Touring the world, seeing Japan, seeing Australia, and having all these new experiences. … The colors of our mind get put into the record like that. This only skyrockets our creativity, because we get to see so many beautiful things that we've never seen before.”

In an earlier interview with Rolling Stonesinger Josh Kiszka said he felt it was time for the comparisons to Led Zeppelin to end. "Ultimately, I’d like to think that there’s substance to what we’re doing," he argued. "Obviously we hear the similarity. That’s one of the influences of ours. But at this point it’s like, ‘Okay, we’ve acknowledged that. Let’s move on.'”

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