The first time I went fishing was sometime in the late 80s with my dad. I got a few bites but I don't remember catching anything that day. It's been several years since I picked up a pole and cast a line. Maybe it's time to get back out there this summer.

If you are a resident of Iowa and looking to get some bait and catch some fish, then the weekend of June 4, 5, and 6 would be the perfect time to find a body of water and get at it.

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Fishing will be free for Iowa residents throughout this weekend, with no license required. It's part of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources free fishing weekend that happens every year during the first weekend of June. They do remind you that all other regulations remain in place.

Take the kids out for a few hours of fun on one of the hundreds of Iowa lakes or thousands of miles of rivers. Bring someone who has never been fishing. Maybe they could discover a new hobby and you would be part of creating a lifelong memory for them.

After the free fishing weekend is over, the Department of Natural Resources makes it easy to obtain a fishing license online. Visit to purchase and download your fishing license on your iPhone or Android device. A few license options are available; yearly, one week, or one day.

For a list of stocked lakes and ponds that are easily accessed in parks or along trails, visit the Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Atlas at

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