Get ready to see the McDonald's at 41st and Shirley in a brand new way as they enter the new age of technology dining. Customers are greeted by four futuristic ordering kiosks that are super-easy to navigate. Custom design your order and pay for it at the kiosk and you're good to go. Your kids will McLove it!

Don't worry - the friendly cashiers are still there if you prefer.

This futuristic design is unique in that it's the only one in South Dakota and only 1 of 3 in the midwest.

Interestingly, when McDonald's first set up shop on this busy corner you could pull up in your brand new 1976 Mercury and order a .10 cent hamburger and a milk shake for a nickle.

Since they've opened, they have proudly served over 20 million customers at this Sioux Falls location.

Two drive-thru lanes and new digital easy-to-read menu boards make ordering a breeze. Even with the new look, the classic burgers such as the Big Mac are still there - plus a new line of signature sandwiches. The special sauce for the Big Mac? Well, that is still a secret.

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