There are many ways to cook something. Some people like their pasta cooked al dente while others like it boiled into mush.

After reading through a Reddit thread about foods that taste better a little burnt, we heard from lots of people who had all sorts of preferences for slight amounts of char, and some who like things to be like charcoal.

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Here are what people in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota told us were the foods they like to be a little burnt.

  • Campfire hot dogs
  • BBQ chicken, charred
  • I like marshmallows on s'mores a little burnt
  • I like marshmallows on FIRE, all the way burnt no exceptions.
  • Popcorn, but only a little
  • Pizza
  • Kettle corn slightly burnt with sat added
  • BACON!
  • Gotta turn the oven on broil at the end of lasagna and make that top cheese nice and crunchy. Almost burnt.
  • Fried onions on a steak. I want those onions nice and black
Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7
Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7
  • Asparagus in the oven get it real kind of nearly burned it's crispy and so good
  • Hashbrowns or home fries. So much better a little burnt and crispy than just cooked
  • Steak burnt on the outside, rare on the inside. Gotta get that sear
  • Tortilla's for burritos is good a little burnt. Like when you make them at home you can put them on the burner just to get that little burnt spot on it. Lol
  • I love Brussel sprouts slightly charred.

One thing I love slightly golden burnt is an omelet, or even scrambled eggs. I don't know if it's that I prefer the golden burning, or if I just like knowing that the eggs are cooked all the way through.

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