It used to be that companies were looking for a 'people person', 'go getter', 'team player', or 'outside the box' thinker when they were hiring.

But when you search the want ads these days, you'll find a whole new set of jargon and lingo to deal with.

Geekwire is reporting on the work of Textio in compiling the most common corporate cliches used in job postings in each state.

In the ever increasing 'millennial' world we now live in, South Dakota, employers are trying to appear less intimidating by using the using the much more casual 'reach out to you' instead of the more formal 'contact you'.

As cringe-worthy as that is, it still falls way short of some other corporate-babble phrases from other states like:

  • "Build Synergy" (Arizona)
  • "Achieve Alignment" (Idaho)
  • "Win-win outcome" (Florida)
  • "Shift the paradigm" (Washington D.C.)
  • "Be action oriented" (Illinois)

Happy job hunting!

Just make sure you keep your Urban Dictionary handy when you're perusing the classifieds.

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