Taking their predictions to a new level, the 2022 Farmers’ Almanac is out with their prognostications for the winter ahead. And in a new colorful phrased edition.

Frosty Flip-Flop Forecast, Winter Whopper, and Cold Hard Flakes, just to list a few. But what does that mean?

Beginning in January, our Cold Hard Flakes will include rain, snow, sleet, and ice.

South Dakota is right in the center of Zone-4 and the Frosty Flip-Flop forecast for us means we will be cold in the month of January with a blizzard to be expected in the late part of the month. When February comes along, not so much the risk of storms but below-normal temperatures.

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Those living in the Northeast are in the line of fire for a Winter Whopper. Described as an “atmospheric hemorrhage” from the Pacific that could lash most of the far West, with everything from strong winds to heavy rains and snow.

Replying to a question on the Farmers’ Almanac website, Susan Higgins writes "our forecasts are regional (rather than a specific city and state) so check your zone (2) and map for the forecast!"

If you're the betting type here's a tip for you. That little yellow book has an 80% accuracy record on predicting the weather. Oh, and one more thing. This year it isn't the traditional page cover. The 2022 Farmers Almanac has a new look.

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