With the start of a new year comes the onslaught of several new rules and regulations, both on the local and state levels.

Take Tennessee, for example. They've became the first state in the country to release an 'Animal Abuse Registry.'

The registry includes the names, photos and addresses of people convicted of having intentionally abused animals.

But right now the registry is empty because it will only include people convicted after January first.

First-time offenders will spend only two years on the registry; a second offense makes it five years. Also, those on the registry won't be eligible to adopt from a shelter.

It should be pointed out, a lot of cities have adopted lists of animal abusers, but nothing on a state-wide level, that is until now.

The bill's sponsor says he has spoken with legislators from another ten states who plan on introducing a similar bill this year.

(Source: ABC Radio News)

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