You love your pet. You love your pet a lot. In fact, you may be loving your pet to death.

America has a weight problem. You've heard about that, you've read about that. We eat too much and we don't eat right. And it turns out, our pets are in the same boat.

According to a recent survey, 60% of the nation's cats are too heavy. And Fido doesn't fare much better. Dogs have a 56% obesity rate. Apparently, our pets are bellying up to the food dish a little too much.

While that chubby dog or cat (or hamster or rabbit?) might look cute when they are chubby, it's not the best for them. One doctor says there's not as much of a stigma with animals being overweight as people. And that isn't good for your little four-legged furry friends.

Lots of people are thinking about weight loss, or gain, going into the Holidays. Dinner tables will be full of those holiday foods, and treats will be everywhere for the taking. And it's the 'taking' part that may be the problem.

But there always those New Years resolutions. Once we get through Christmas, the resolution for many is 'lose weight'. That's a great goal, and one you may want to add to your pets life as well. A report on NPR says showing love to your pet through food may not only be making him or her obese but unhappy as well. One major pet food company is taking a stand against pet food with artificial ingredients.

Bottom line?

While you try to eat better and healthier, don't forget about Rover and Tabby. They can (like you) still eat well and be happy!

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