Spanish Cooked Octopus. That's what that is. I snapped this picture at Costco here in Sioux Falls.

I was picking a 50 pack of Bounty Paper Towels and a few other things when I turned the corner just past the corned beef and bratwursts and there at eye level were pounds of shrink-wrapped Costco Cooked Octopus.

I'm really not a very picky eater. But I draw the line at anything with suction cups. I mean how do you even cook this stuff? In a casserole with Cream of Mushroom Soup and Tater Tots or with Octopus Helper?

I understand Sushi. Don't like it. But I understand that some folks with a more refined pallet than mine would like to spin the wheel of foodborne illness and take a chance snacking on uncooked fish. But Octopus, why?

I admit in a weaker moment while on vacation, caught up in celebration and cerveza, I scarfed down some deep-fried calamari. It was kind of like battered rubber bands, with Ranch Dressing. I will say they don't make enough beer to get me to willingly eat Octopus.

I don't mean to be all judgy, but Octopus on a platter simply has no appeal to me.  I'd much prefer to have a nice Ribeye steak rather than a plate of Kraken.

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