There it sat, on an lonely endcap of the soda aisle in Hyvee. It only caught my eye because a young guy was taking advantage of the buy 3 for $5.00 offer on this product and was stocking up for (I guessed) some Memorial Day gathering.

After he left the area, I strolled back to further investigate. Herr's Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Popcorn was one of several kinds of snacks stocked there. There was also a spicy cheddar jalapeno flavored popcorn (not something I would enjoy) and a couple of different choices of flavored potato chips (which didn't pique my interest).

My thought was, at worst, the popcorn would simply be just a buttery-flavored, crunchy snack and at best, (which I honestly had no confidence in) would actually have a flavor close to roasted sweet corn.

I snatched up three bags and thought that if it indeed was hideous, I would take it to work and leave it in the breakroom. You can leave any food product in our cafeteria area and odds are very good that it will disappear without a trace in a few hours time, no matter how awful the creation or concoction is.

I waited to sample this intriguing snack until I had a reason. The reason was sitting down after mowing to watch a marathon of Lt. Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter on the Investigation Discovery channel. I cracked open a grapefruit shandy, sat down, pulled the bag holding the flavored popcorn open, reached in for a few kernels and popped them in my mouth.

"Holy cow! This really tastes like roasted sweet corn!" said I. Well, what I actually said, may have been more colorful, but dang that popcorn is incredibly good stuff! Eat enough of this delicious snack food and the secret spice in it begins to leave a hint of heat on your happy tongue, much like a liberally black-peppered ear of roasted sweet corn might. Kudos to the Herr Company of Nottingham, Pennsylvania for creating this flavor sensation.

Now I discover that they also make Fire Roasted Sweet Corn flavored Potato Chips, but only for a limited time, which I imagine would be during the Spring and Summer seasons. Although this snack would be a welcome addition to fall and winter when roasted sweet corn is merely a lovely memory of the prior seasons. I wonder if HyVee has any plans to expand their offerings from this company? I certainly hope so.

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