Ask yourself, what would it take to cause authorities here in Sioux Falls to impose a curfew?  Your mind is going several different directions with that one.

One South Dakota town is implamenting Operation Full Moon which goes into effect immediatly.

The Martin Police Department has activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as a direct result of an on-going criminal investigation within the city of Martin.

“Tension between two separate groups has resulted in at least five aggravated assaults, creating a safety issue for the residents in the city limits of Martin," said Martin Police Chief Thomas Jeans.

Jeans has requested assistance from multiple law enforcement agencies to help protect citizens and try to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution.

Those agencies assisting in Operation Full Moon include the Bennett County States Attorney’s Office; State Game, Fish & Parks; South Dakota Highway Patrol; Jackson County Sheriff’s Department; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; National Park Service; OST Public Safety and Bennett County Sheriff’s Office.

The city wide curfew is from 2:00 AM till 5:30 AM Violators of this curfew are subject to arrest.

This situation will be evaluated daily to assess the continuation of this command presence.

Source: KOTA TV

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