As more and more of us emerge from days, weeks, or even months of working remotely during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we’re getting more and more information about how exactly American workers have been handling the challenges of doing their jobs from home.

The stay-at-home office experience, while attractive on so many levels, brings with it a number of obstacles, especially when it comes to issues with technology.

But right on the heels of getting all of those various moving parts to work in conjunction with one another came the built-in distractions of having all of the comforts of home just a few steps away.

That was especially true when those afternoon lulls would kick in and your eyelids would get a bit droopy. If you at the office you might hit the coffeemaker or water cooler for a quick pick me up to get you through until quitting time, but at home, you had direct access to your bed, your favorite spot on the couch, or that one comfy chair you love to relax in.

According to a new survey of remote workers from, a lot of us, especially in the Midwest, gave into those temptations and grabbed some shuteye while still on the clock with North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa all in the top five of the highest percentage of napping workers.


  1. North Dakota 67%
  2. Alaska 67%
  3. Nebraska 53%
  4. Delaware 50%
  5. Iowa 50%
  6. Louisiana 50%
  7. New Mexico 50%
  8. Washington 47%
  9. Texas 44%
  10. Kentucky 43%

South Dakota workers were right at the national average - 33 percent. Overall the Mount Rushmore State was 28th in America.

Meanwhile, Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming all checked in with zero percent of their workers grabbing any 'zzzs' while doing their jobs remotely, which says less about the work ethic in those states and more about their ability to lie to people conducting surveys!

Of all of the self-confessed nappers, 15 percent said they sleep right at their home desk while 37 percent headed straight for the bedroom.

Other popular work diversions included a lot of the things we waste time on when we're in the office like surfing the internet, taking smoke/snack breaks, and socializing with co-workers.

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