He's one of your favorite comedians from B1027's Bob and Tom Show and he's on his way to Sioux Falls to ring in 2022.

You can see Costaki Economopoulos in person for one night only, at Boss' Comedy Club inside the Ramada on West Russell Street in Sioux Falls, Saturday, January 1, 2022 for an 8:00 PM show.

In anticipation of his return to South Dakota in less than two weeks, I talked to Costaki Monday (December 20) about a number of things that are going on in his world these days

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I started by getting his take on the impact COVID had on his livelihood as a stand-up comedian, which meant months without being able to get up in front of a live, in-person audience.

With live venues unavailable, Costaki dabbled in the virtual world, telling jokes to an online audience, which turned out to be a unique learning experience.

Once the COVID restrictions were relaxed, Costaki headed back out on the road where he found himself surprised with some of the things he had missed.

The return to the stand-up stage comes in the midst of the 'cancel culture' era, where some comedians have had a hard time telling jokes in a time where people are much more sensitive.

Away from comedy clubs, Costaki has been keeping himself busy with his All Pro Lines podcast which covers all topics pigskin-related during the NFL season.

It all leads up to the Sioux Falls show, New Year's Night, and Costaki has some advice for everyone heading to the show.

Tickets for the Boss' Comedy Club show range from $15 per person to $70 for a table for six people.


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