The next round of construction on a major Sioux Falls road project is about to get underway.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation says that phase two of construction of the I-29 41st Street Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) project will begin on Monday, March 27.

This portion of the project will focus on the bridge structure and updates to 41st Street from Carolyn Avenue to Shirley Avenue. Work will begin first on the bridge, and traffic will be reduced to one open lane in each direction with a center turn lane across the bridge.

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Once construction begins, the traffic pattern will change.

One lane of traffic will remain open in both directions, with both east and westbound traffic on the south side of 41st Street from Terry Avenue to the bridge and from the bridge to East Empire Place.

At that time, access to Carolyn Avenue from 41st Street will close permanently. Shops and businesses located on Carolyn Avenue can be accessed from the north via 38th Street or 34th Street.


Pedestrian access will be maintained on both sides of the bridge, but pedestrian traffic along this section of 41st Street will be detoured to 26th Street or 49th Street.

For additional details, visit the project's website or call the project's hotline number at 605-884-7189.

Construction is expected to be complete by June 2024.

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