Road construction season is about to get up and running around Sioux Falls and that means the possibility of traffic delays for drivers along Interstate 29.

Starting Monday (April 8), the South Dakota Department of Transportation will embark on three different structure improvement projects on I-29.

The first two will take place at Exit 94 (Baltic) and Exit 64 (Worthing).

The Baltic work involves the bridge over 254th Street, while the Worthing project will impact both the northbound and southbound lanes.

A third I-29 structure improvement project will start Wednesday (April 10). The project will consist of improvements to the overpass bridge at Exit 50 (Centerville/Hudson) and both the northbound and southbound bridges at Exit 59 (Davis/Hurley).

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Lane closures will be in place in the driving and passing lanes intermittently for all projects. The closures will continue throughout the projects to allow for bridge deck repairs, replacement of approach slabs, placing surface treatment, and guardrail replacement.

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