You may think that Nabisco has run out of ideas for Oreo flavors. You, of course, would be wrong. There are as many ideas for Oreo flavors as there are people on this planet, apparently. So it should be no surprise that the Nabisco company has announced the latest flavors they plan to produce and release next May.

Prepare your taste buds for Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola and Pina Colada Oreos. These were the top three finalists culled from all the entries in the May 2017 #MyOreoCreation Contest.

But if you think those are weird, once again, you'd be wrong. Someone actually suggested a Cheeseburger flavor, another suggestion was Honey Parmesan and also Strawberry Cucumber. Yuck!

Delectable ideas like Cannoli, Peanut Butter Pretzel and Oatmeal were passed over, for who knows what reason. In any case, the three choices will make their debut sometime in May of 2018 and the winning flavor will make its creator $500,000 richer!

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