You'd be tempted to think that Casey's pizza has a kind of cult following around the upper midwest but you might be surprised to learn that the Iowa-based company is actually the fifth-largest pizza chain in the United States.

And now, fans are about to say goodbye to one of the mainstays of Casey's pizza program - the box tops.

For years, customers have been clipping off a cardboard coupon from the inside of Casey's pizza boxes, knowing that once they accumulate ten coupons their next large pizza is free.

But like so many other things in the world today, the current way of doing things is getting a big makeover thanks to technology.

After March 1, 2020, Casey's will no longer accept physical box tops. Instead customers must convert their current box tops to digital box tops on the company's online rewards program.

The good news? Ten box tops still gets you a free pizza.

Casey's currently has nine Sioux Falls locations with a tenth store opening on West 26th Street later this summer.

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