This series, Bourbon On The Rock, is the sampling of bourbon along with a classic rock album. This week we look at Bib & Tucker 6 Year paired with Led Zeppelin II vinyl.

The immediate bouquet gives off a sweet, cinnamon, and charcoal aroma. A good start. The coloring is a pleasant golden copper and is magnified by a November sunset.

Letting the first taste of the Bib & Tucker 6 Year linger on the tongue and tickle the molars we were trying to pinpoint the most pronounced favoring. For me, it came up ginger and fruit with a lot of caramel. Wait...was that a hint of apple and cola at the finish? The six-year aging contributed to a very smooth finish.

This one is complex and it was nice as a neat sipper. At 96 proof I would not add it to a Manhatten or Old Fashion simply because there's not enough heat on the back end. I like my bourbons a little higher proof for these occasions.

The bottle itself might be the real winner here. Raised lettering and an antique-looking age statement make it one of the nicest looking bottles in your collection. If you save your empties, this one should be in front.

Bib & Tucker is good but overpriced in my opinion. The price point is around $50 and there is much better out there for half C-note. But overall, it was a good fall firepit drink on a crisp night.

We paired the Bib & Tucker with the Led Zeppelin II album and it was perfect. We chose this classic rock album because this week was the 51st anniversary of the release and still one of the greatest albums of all time. The album went on to be a 12-time platinum masterpiece with Whole Lotta Love, Ramble On, and Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just a Woman). Of course, Moby Dick pairs well with any bourbon featuring a monster drum solo by John Bonham.

Reviewers are Danny V and Scott Smith

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