For this edition of Bourbon on the Rock we've paired the classic - one and of the best live recordings of all time - Cheap Trick's Live from Budokan. What could be better than this, right? Pair it with Blanton's Single Barrel and we've got a night. Let's go!

Start by taking a lungful on the nose. Breathe this baby deep. You'll appreciate the aroma and it will leave you not wanting to wait too long before the first sip.

My guest taster, Scott, found dried fruit and I had a strong sense of toffee and maybe some citrus. After the tasting, the conversation moved to which stopper is in the top. If you're not familiar with Blanton's, the stopper in the top needs to be inspected closely. There is a letter in the horse just above the cork. Serious Banton's fans have collected them all to spell out B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S and it's a badge of honor among fine bourbon drinkers. I don't have them all yet because well..Blanton's isn't that easy to find around here.

Overall, this really is a stunning bourbon - and one of the best. If you find one, grab it. It's usually in the $60 - $70 price range but you'll regret it if you pass on it. Yes, it's that good.

We paired this fine bourbon with Cheap Trick's Live from Budokan...which is in Japan..I'm told.  This must be Budokan's 15 minutes of fame.  But it sure served Cheap Trick well.  Any fan of popular music from 1979 owned this album.  It's one of the few live albums in history that produced a charting song, "I Want You to Want ME", exclaimed by lead singer Robin Zander.  While most of the hits are on Side B ("Ain't That a Shame" and "Surrender") don't overlook Side A ("Hello There" and "Need Your Love").  Fists in the air, saluting the return of LIVE MUSIC!

Below, check out the liner notes on the album sleeve. Is Rick Nielsen a pandemic predictor? Keep in mind this was released in 1978!

Danny V, Townsquare medai
Danny V, Townsquare media


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