This edition of Bourbon on the Rock is going to be a great one. We're sampling the new Fareway 2020 store pick of Woodford Reserve and pairing it with the Book of Dreams LP from the Steve Miller Band.

My guest taster this week is Christine who is not known as a bourbon fan - but I'll be darned if I was going to pair this classic album with an Angry Orchard. I chose this bottle because it's only 90 proof and a good beginner bourbon. I've had store picks from many local liquor stores including HyVee, Williquors, JJ's Wine & Spirits, and Booze Boyz, so this should be fun. Let's go!

The nose carried a hint of maple and citrus. Christine said the nose was..."alcohol." Okay, real good then. Let's hope she finds a little more depth when it comes to tasting.

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Tasting is a pleasant experience. We found spice, orange peel, and lots of wood. The vanilla really explodes on the finish and we liked it a lot. "This is one I could really get along with," said Christine. It wasn't harsh and that's exactly what we were going for.

It's a creation of master distiller Chris Morris, who specializes in blending different barrels for a unique profile and character.

Overall, the folks at Fareway selected a good one. priced at $39.99 it an affordable good Kentucky bourbon for the money.

We paired this Woodford Reserve tasting with the 'Book of Dreams' LP from the Steve Miller Band. It was released in 1977 and this was my original album. We loved Threshold moving into Jet Airliner as the first and most successful track, still a staple in rock radio today. And as long as we're locked in a deep-freeze in mid-February, 'Winter Time" was absolutely perfect. 'Babes in the Woods' and 'Sacrifice' were excellent cuts on the B-side.

After listening to both sides, it's easy to see why this album charted in the top 10 in 4 countries. Steve Miller himself produced it, and the album's artwork is legendary.

A great experience and a big thanks to Christine for partaking. You can hear her radio show on KXRB 1140 AM weekday mornings along with Andy.

I'm excited to see what the next Bourbon on the Rock will bring. I'm already planning and it's going to be fun. Stay tuned.

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