A dedicated analog guy, Tom Scholz should have been thrilled that Boston's most recent album -- 2013's 'Life Love and Hope' -- is arriving on vinyl. Instead, he's infuriated.

Seems Scholz actually rejected the mix for the vinyl reissue, only to see it sent out for pressing anyway. In a new Facebook post, he said this "unacceptable vinyl master" was wrecked by "clicks, static and dropouts during many of the quiet segues between the cuts."

Too busy with ongoing concert dates, Scholz says he meant for the entire project to be put aside for now. "Our summer tour was in full swing by the time I reviewed it, and there was no possibility of mastering again," Scholz said. "I made the decision to reject the vinyl master -- which meant all the effort to create it would be for nothing. Or so I thought."

So what happened? Somehow, he said, the master was released anyway.

"Imagine my surprise when I was notified that in spite of the rejected test pressing, albums had been stamped and delivered by a company under contract with our record label!" Scholz wrote. "While I've been very happy, and continue to be happy, with our current label [Frontiers Records], I want Boston fans to know that this vinyl reproduction of 'Life Love and Hope' does not meet my standards as producer."

In happier news, Scholz confirmed that Boston will tour again in 2015, though no dates have been announced yet. 'Life Love and Hope,' Boston's first album since 2002's 'Corporate America,' featured some of the final recordings by the band's original singer, the late Brad Delp.

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