The legal firestorm between Boston founder Tom Scholz and the widow of lead singer Brad Delp got even bigger Tuesday

The Massachusetts Appeals Court has reinstated Scholz's defamation suit against Micki Delp. It all stems from comments she made to the Boston Herald that could be interpreted as blaming Tom for her husband's 2007 suicide. The article described Brad Delp as despondent over Scholz's firing of another long-time member of the band and quoted Micki as saying Brad remained upset over various firings and break-ups.

Appeals Court judge Judd Carhart said today that a jury should probe whether Scholz has "met the burden of demonstrating malice." His attorney days Tom "is pleased the Appeals Court has confirmed the statements attributed to Micki Delp in the Boston Herald are actionable and should be put before a jury."

A separate suit against the Herald was tossed back in March.

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