Boston leader Tom Scholz says that the band is planning on hitting the road in 2014. Scholz, who following the 2007 suicide of frontman, Brad Delp, remains the sole member of the band who played on the group's legendary 1976 self-titled debut. Scholz has been holed up in his studio for the better part of a decade completing Boston's sixth album called, Love , Life, And Hope, which is due out on December 3rd.

Scholz says bringing Boston to the masses is his top priority for next year: "We are looking into touring in 2014. I'm hoping that comes off, I think that'll be a lot of fun. We'll probably play a few things from this album, of course we always have to do a lot of the older stuff because so much of the audience is familiar with in and they wanna hear it."

He admitted that he's itching to bond with the band after being in his vacuum-like studio cocoon for so long: "Right now, this year, I'm just looking forward to being able to play actually with other people in the same room (laughs). I mean, just a rehearsal will seem like a rare treat after working alone for so long."

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