As an amateur foodie, I do have a few rules. (Outward appearance may say something else, but that is beside the point). A) You must be open to new culinary experiences, unless they are dangerous (puffer fish) or completely revolting (no insects on a stick for me). B) I never eat soup in the summertime and I never eat ice cream in the wintertime.

However, I might have to make an exception to rule B this winter. A little specialty ice cream parlor in New York City, Tipsy Scoop, , has come out with a line of completely adult, totally delicious, booze-infused ice cream flavors--and they'll ship them cross-country!

After your big Thanksgiving meal, you could tuck into a small bowl of Holiday Spiced Eggnog ice cream. Christmas Eve, after the kids go to bed, share a bowl of Santa's Cookies & Whiskey ice cream with your sweetie. Perhaps a bit of Candy Cane Vodka Martini, between Christmas Day breakfast and dinner. And for New Year's Eve? Why not several spoonfuls of  Blood Orange Champagne Sparkler Sorbet?

Those are just a few of the flavors they offer. Are they spendy? Yup. Are they worth it? Not sure, but if by chance you'd like to find out, I'd hurry and order. They are already sold out of the Spike Spiced Pumpkin PIe! The rest of the holiday-themed flavors will be available beginning November 20, at Goldbely, (a food delivery website) for a limited time.

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