, which gathers reviews from consumers and experts, has ranked the Top 10 beers from around the world. Some you've probably heard of. Some you likely have not. Some may even surprise you.

Here are the Top 10:

1.Pacifico (Mexico)
2.Michelob Ultra (U.S.)
3.Ballantine XXX Ale (U.S.)
4.Negro Modelo (Mexico)
5.Windhoek Lager (Namibia)
6.Aguila (Colombia)
7.Smithwick's Ale (Ireland)
8.Affligem Blonde (Belgium)
9.Laurentina Clara (Mozambique)
10.Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus (U.S.)

Budweiser, which is known as the "king of beers," doesn't even come close, landing in 316th place.

So with Labor Day bashes coming up, what flavor are YOU going to stock up on? I've spent my summer with the Leinie's Summer Shandy, but will check out some of these flavors on the top 10 that I haven't had!

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