Ever had the situation where you nurse things along until you have to get a tire fixed or replaced? I’ve recently been dependent on the effectiveness of stranger’s compressors.

When a service like making sure a leaky tire has air is needed, you eventually realize how important it is. Additionally you learn where the best places are for proper tire inflation.

It’s a Bermuda Triangle of sorts as the end of tire tread life, mechanic availability and budgetary constraints have conspired to force a daily routine. It involves a check of pressure on the right front tire and addition of air to make it road-worthy. It won’t do any good to get the tire fixed with a patch because of that nail squarely lodged in the tread. Four new ones would be the advice of the professional and I know it.

The day will come this week. However leading up to the fateful occurrence different convenience stores along my daily route have been my salvation along with a portable air compressor as an emergency measure.

Some C-stores and their air compressors are better than others. This has been an equal opportunity compressed air mission. With a small sample size of course, the survey is less than perfect, but generally the air hoses that are connected to buildings be it the car wash or the main store seem to be the most reliable.

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