When you think of the best party town in South Dakota, you automatically think of college towns like Vermillion or Brookings. That's not the case according to the website, Thrillist. The site has determined that the best party town in South Dakota is on the west side of the state. It's Deadwood.

The website said the best time to visit is the first two weeks of August during the Sturgis motorcycle rally. They also list the best bars to hit. They say you want to be seen at  Saloon No. 10, the bar where Wild Bill Hickok was shot. They also say you should check out the oldest bar in South Dakota, also located in Deadwood, called the Buffalo Bodega.

Here's what they say about Deadwood:

The “party” has calmed down just a little since "Wild Bill" was shooting people in the streets, but historic Deadwood is a huge weekend destination for Midwesterners. The town's Wild West past gives the city an aura of lawlessness, and bachelor and bachelorette parties spend summer weekends roaming the main drag, casinos, and historic saloons just looking to make bad decisions. On big holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, New Year's, and Mardi Gras, you can even buy a special cup that lets you drink in the streets, giving this South Dakota mountain town a distinctively New Orleans vibe. And finally, August brings overflow bikers from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, although the scene here is far calmer than it is down the road.

I have several friends who go to Deadwood on a regular basis on vacation. It's basically Las Vegas without the Elvis impersonators.

Let's not forget the awesome music scene in Deadwood. The Deadwood Mountain Grand is the place to go for concerts from Shinedown to Heart to Scotty McCreery.

Take a mini vacation this summer to Deadwood, but leave the kids at home with a babysitter. What happens in Deadwood, stays in Deadwood.

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