Maybe it's just me, but over the past couple of weeks, you can really start to see a change in the seasons here in the Sioux Empire.

The leaves are turning a variety of different colors, the gale force winds we've been experiencing the past few days have blown quite a few of them off the trees already. The temps, especially at night are starting to get a little bite to them. Yep, it is definitely beginning to look and feel like Fall once again.

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Too bad our yearly cup of coffee with the season they call Fall will soon turn into the five-month nightmare that is known as Winter.

Some say there are really only three seasons in South Dakota, Winter, Summer, and road construction. Most years, that is exactly right.

What is really funny is how people outside of the Upper Midwest view the weather in this part of the country. Most find it incomprehensible. For instance, how is it possible to be 75 degrees one day, and less than 24-hours later the high temp for the day is 30+ degrees cooler? That is the standard operating procedure in South Dakota all too often.

Before you know it, we will be up to our ass in snow and the wind chills will be 20 to 30 below!  You remember those kinds of days, right? The days when you say to yourself: I guess I better wear gloves today.

Let's face it, the weather Mother Nature sends South Dakota's way during the months of December through February would shut down normal activities for days, even weeks in most areas of the country. Here in South Dakota, we view it as just another day.

I've heard people refer to us Midwesterners as a hearty bunch. They might be right.

I have put together a list of a few things people outside of South Dakota find bizarre, strange, and absolutely unthinkable. Enjoy!

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