We have barely seen snow so far this fall. But as has been the case even before Game of Thrones was a thing, winter is coming.

The Minnehaha County Highway Department sent out a press release with 16 winter diving tips plus. They are pretty good. I have a couple to add to it.

  1. If there is snow, slow down.
  2. Drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions
  3. Allow more time to arrive at your destination.
  4. Know the road conditions before traveling
  5. Remove snow and ice from all glass and lights (yes there are people who need to be told this, right Tasha?)
  6. Check your tires' tread and pressure
  7. Don't crowd the plow. Provide at least 5 car lengths and do not pass a snow plow when it is actively working.
  8. Do not use cruise control.
  9. Provide more stopping distance, keep more space between you and the vehicle ahead of you.
  10. Be mindful of black ice.
  11. Turn on your headlights.
  12. Drive defensively
  13. Never drive through "white-outs."
  14. Delay your trip until conditions improve.
  15. No texting while driving. But keep your cell phone handy in case of emergencies.
  16. Never leave your vehicle if stuck. Wait for help to arrive.

I have a couple of things to add to this...

  1. Don't be a selfish driver: Trying to race everyone to your destination in a city the size of Sioux Falls is only going to help you arrive 2 minutes earlier, tops. Drive with the mindset that you're going make room for everyone else and be courteous.
  2. Don't stop traffic to be nice: Ben has nailed this before. It's stupid to stop all of the cars behind you just to let someone out of a parking lot. You're just illegally stopping and making everyone behind you hate you.
  3. Don't drive someone else's car in a snow storm: If you're going to get into a wreck, let them wreck their car. I almost spun out driving a friend's car at 75 on the interstate when we hit some black ice with the cruise control on, with a rear wheel drive car.

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