If you can remember dropping a Jolly Rancher in your Zima at Opie's or Nite City, we've got great news!

The 1990's alcohol beverage Zima could be making a comeback. I wasn't much of a fan (I'm still a beer guy) but plenty of my friends were.

Zima hit the store shelves in the early 90's and was marketed as an alternative to the wine cooler. It was wildly popular for a time, then in 2008 or so, they announced they would no longer sell the brand.

I actually know a guy who drove to Sioux City, one of the last places to sell it, loaded up a rental panel van with cases of Zima and drove back home to Sioux Falls to store it in his garage!

Reports are swirling that it will once again be offered – but for a limited time only.

So keep your eyes open for it, and grab a bag of Jolly Rancher's or some fresh fruit while you're out.

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