It's one of the most coveted items that an establishment can have and now there's a new way to try and get one in Sioux Falls.

The city has approved a new sealed bid process for off-sale and on-sale liquor licenses.

The new process will be used for the first time when ten off-sale liquor licenses and seven on-sale liquor licenses go up for grabs later this month.

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The minimum bid for an off-sale liquor license is $500. A business needs one to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises.

For places where alcohol is sold for on-site consumption, bids begin at $240,646.

Sealed bids for both licenses must be submitted in person at City Hall during normal business hours. There is a $100 application fee for both types of liquor licenses. All sealed bids will be time-stamped as they are received, which serves as the basis for determining the order of tie bids.

Sealed bids will be opened at 10:00 AM on Thursday, August 24, 2023, in the Attorney Conference Room City Hall. Those with the highest bid will be awarded the licenses.

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