An incident at a Sioux Falls apartment building featured a man displaying weapons on Friday evening. A woman scared him off but he was eventually arrested.

Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens said the confrontation happened about 7:00 PM Friday (December 15) in an apartment on the 3600 block of E. 6th Street.

“The victim (was likely) working for the management company and she found a guy inside one of the buildings and didn’t recognize him as a tenant. He said he was trying to get a hold of the people in that apartment.”

She knocked on the apartment door and received no answer, which prompted her to request that he leave. The man was drinking beer while in the hallway at the time which is a violation of apartment policy. That’s when Clemens said that the man got testy.

“At first he pulled out an iron rod about 14 inches long. Apparently the iron rod didn’t do anything. Then he pulled out a switchblade. She pushed him up against the wall and he took off running. He used the iron rod to break the glass security door. She tried to chase him but he eventually got away.”

Eventually the suspect returned to the scene of the crime where police arrested 25 year-old Kadir Hussein Ahmed for aggravated assault, intentional damage to property and threatening law enforcement.

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