With all the talk lately about kids and those newfangled spinners, it reminded me of when I was growing up and our version of spinners, only we called them Tree Helicopters. I've also heard them referred to as whirlybirds, whirligigs and propeller seeds.

I do know that I enjoyed them a whole lot more when I was a kid than I do now as an adult. Now I curse them every time I have to get out the ladder and climb onto the roof of my house so I can clean those pesky little nuisances out of the rain gutters.

So, what are they? They're actually the seeds from the maple trees. I've also learned over the years that it's best to wait to clean up the yard until all the "Tree Helicopters" have fallen. Otherwise, you'll be digging out tiny maple seedlings the entire summer.

Learn from my mistakes kids - learn from my mistakes.

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