People know that I am a music fan and a proud supporter of the local music scene in Sioux Falls. A friend of mine told me about a like-minded individual in town by the name of Jeff Zueger who owns and operates Spectrum Films Inc.and does TV commercials, who was starting up a new venture called The White Wall Sessions.

The idea is to have local and upstart musicians strip down their sound and do an acoustic 'storytellers' type session of original music in front of a white wall.

Zueger told me that local musician Steve Zastrow is really the person that finally got the ball rolling on the idea that Zueger has had for some time. "He kept pestering Dave Palmer (who is the Technical Director of the show), to get him in to do a session. We had a riot doing it and liked the format and they way it came out so we decided to give it a go."

From that first session with Zastrow came an original song that he had written about going to work with his dad who worked at a little AM country radio station (and a station that just happens to be across the hall from me) KXRB:

This fall Zueger hopes to have a full blown arts/music/entertainment website and is looking into the possibility of putting a local TV show together as well. For now, the Facebook page is being used for teaser videos and for interested local musicians to get in contact with him.

A number of local musicians you know have already shot their session or will be in the coming weeks including Jeff Thomson, Dar Heikes, The Tinder Box, Mat D & Kurt Mullins, and T. Wilson King:

Zueger's goal is to make this a destination stop off for touring bands in addition to continuing to promote the fantastic local and regional musicians that call this area home.

Zueger is funding this first season on his own and hopes to get the show put together and look into the commercial possibilities or sponsorships of it before season two starts shooting this fall.

For now, check out The White Wall Sessions on Facebook, let other music fans know about it and help us spread the word about the growing regional music scene in and around Sioux Falls.

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